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My wife recently saw a piece on one of the morning news programs that basically said telling your children they are special may cause them to become narcissists – overly “entitled” people who are stuck on themselves (layman’s definition).  Popular psychology has preached the gospel of self-esteem for a long time, and many middle class […]


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It was one of those encouraging stories that sometimes make their way onto NPR’s news programing:  a young math teacher in a very small town in Oklahoma doing some truly inspiring work with her classes.  She wasn’t from that community and could be earning $10,000 more in a neighboring state, but there she was, finding […]


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Sometimes – regularly – it is helpful to pause and just notice the “isness of things.”  It’s a phrase I heard at a healing workshop that the leader learned from one of her professors.  We have other more common phrases for it – “stop and smell the roses” comes to mind.  It is an urge we […]