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Happy New Day!

by church

The same old joke comes back every New Year.  One person greets another on the morning of December 31 and, upon parting, says, “See you next year!”  The old joke highlights a point: after all the hoopla of a New Year celebration, the truth of the matter is that the next day is just that […]


by church

I’ll admit it.  When I was little I played with dolls.  (I also played a whole lot with cars and trucks and trains).  We lived next to a little girl who was near my age, and she had a “Betsy Wetsy” doll whose big selling point was that you could bottle-feed her water and you […]


by church

It was a common enough occurrence.  Sometimes I would make the 35 minute drive to the prison (to lead the group I worked with there) and have a significant wait before being cleared to enter.  Often it was an error in the inmate count that was done 3 times a day.  But sometimes it was […]