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Well, maybe “bellyache” is not a fair term.  It tends to have a negative interpretation, and that is not deserved by the party in question.  That party is a guy from the Bible named Job, who had a whole book named after him.  (Yeah, I mentioned him a few months ago, but he’s worth another […]


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“Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m a sinner!”  Yes, I have more than once introduced myself that way.  It was with people who would understand.  I am not an alcoholic, but the church I pastored hosted several AA meetings, so I was invited to share an opening prayer at a conference that was held nearby.  Everyone […]


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We are often rather mixed up about miracles.  We tend to divide the world between natural and supernatural.  There is nature, which operates according to its own laws and needs no divine intervention.  And then there is miracle which somehow “defies the laws of nature.”    The Bible has no silly division like that.  It doesn’t […]


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He had me from the first sentence.  We were in an amphitheater in Yellowstone National Park, gathered with a hundred other campers for an evening presentation by a Lakota college professor from South Dakota.  That first sentence was, “Do you know you have a spirit?”; followed by, “How much do you think about the fact […]