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“Sometimes, more Truth can be found in being less sure about the truth.”  In the church we have to be dealing in truth – truth with a capital “T”.  After all, are we not talking about God with a capital “G”?  But sometimes, more Truth can be found in being less sure about the truth.  […]

A Few Thoughts on Grief

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Two weeks ago my nephew died in an apartment building fire in NY City – smoke inhalation.  It is one of those horrible things that happen to more families than we might think at first.  This is not the forum in which I will pour out my family’s grief.  Rather, I will spend a few […]

Thank You, Sadie Glutz!

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lunch counter

Sadie Glutz, who made her living as a waitress at the dime store lunch counter, is not a real person.  She was the creation of Dr. Donald Macleod, my seminary preaching professor, and that tells you it has been a few years since I was in seminary.  Anyone younger than me would ask, “What’s a […]

Compassion Lessons

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During last Sunday’s service one of our members spoke to us about a new initiative by the Kearsarge Food Pantry (“Project Dignity” in which personal care items will be included in the food distribution).  He shared movingly with us about his experience serving our neighbors in that ministry.  To work directly with others in sharing […]