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The Star Over Erie!

by church
Star over Erie (640x358)

The Star over Erie  The Magi (“Wise Men”) followed a star to find the Christ child.  Why didn’t anyone else?  Did no one else care?  Did no one else know how to understand what it meant?  Was it a vision only apparent to them?  In truth, we don’t know.  But it raises the question of […]

Christmas from Beginning to End

by church
Bethlehem star

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “See, the home of God is among mortals….”   – Revelation 21:3 This is the other end of Christmas – the end of the book of Revelation, when the new heavens and a new earth are completed.  Is it not interesting that the message ends up […]

Is God a Lousy Gifter?

by church

Is God a Lousy Gifter? There is an ad frequenting the TV right now about “THE GIFTER” – a very trendy lady who is able to affordably give fabulous gifts everyone wants because of where she shops.  Sorry, but where you shop is the absolute least important thing in giving good gifts!  (Hey, who really […]

A Monastery Musing

by church

God made eye-lids to cover the eyes; why not ear-lids to cover the ears? The answer is God did – it’s called an open mouth.  An open mouth never hears a thing! These “ear-lids” are, of course inside of us.  When I was visiting Pine Ridge, S.D., I learned that Lakota people are taught to […]